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Excellence as a Standard.


Innovating Thinking.


Passion for Detail.


Meticulously Professional.


We are REEL Productions.


With an unwavering commitment to exceeding the standard, REEL Productions is the hottest, New York & New Jersey entertainment company to come onto the scene. 


We are a cut above because we will meticulously spend countless time going over the details of your event. We will work with your photographer, wedding planner, and any or all entertainment professionals to make sure we are all on the same page.





Who Are We?

We are in the business of creating an experience .. not just hitting the "play" button as so many others do. We will make sure to elevate and maintain your parties pulse from the very start to the last second of your event. We stand behind our vision that we are the heart and soul of a reception. From sweet 16s to high-end weddings and corporate events, come experience the calculated, detail-oriented, meticulously professional team at REEL Productions. 

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